You have successfully installed the Rabenwetter skin for weewx.

This is a modern and interactive template with optional support for up to two webcams making heavy use of javascript and ajax.

Edit this page

Now, you should edit this page and fill it with something more interesting like what visitors are seeing, when watching your webcam or what hardware you are using.

To do so, open the file "info.html.tmpl" in your skin folder with an editor of your choice and modify its contents. Then wait up to 5 minutes for weewx to update the website.


You can also have a look at the file "info.own.html" or have a look at my site for some examples on how to fill this page.

You don't have to, but...

...leaving some info about the software used and where to find it would be nice, though... ;)

Here's a snipped, you could leave here:


Following software & libraries were used to create this website:


The template used is called "Rabenwetter" and can be found here:

Skogshorn (FullHD)


Mer stasjoner